I’m Jolene, a hipster tiger mum, dancer in another life, and a technology obsessed designer based in Sydney.

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I was born in Taiwan, raised in New Zealand, and finally found my home in Australia. I'm on a mission to make a positive impact in the community. 

When I began my career in digital advertising, I learned the craft of design and creative problem-solving. I now know a thing or two about manufacturing and PR as a result of challenging myself with a Kickstarter campaign. At my last job, a Software as a service (SaaS) marketing company, I was able to learn how to use analytic data to tell compelling stories. 

With the arrival of my own children, I began to have a growing desire to make this world a kinder, healthier, and a more peaceful place. I can help grow the brands that are making our world a better place with all the skills I have picked up over the past two decades.

What am I doing now?
I run an independent brand and design studio called Bettermade with Long Truong doing good work for the future of humankind.
It’s rare to find someone who can execute end-to-end with such flair; who is both creative and strategic. Jolene is one of a kind and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.
Bronwyn portrait
Bronwyn Karaoglu
VP Marketing @ Genbook

Some of the work I've made

Genbook Rebrand

Genbook Rebrand

Branding, WEBSITE
A new approach to online booking for hair and beauty services. 
Excellence in experience award

Excellence in Experience Award

branding, WEBSITE, campaign
Rewarding the next generation of local service entrepreneurs.
Genbook campaigns

Genbook Campaigns

WEBSITE, campaign
Creative content marketing that leads to exponential growth.
VW Motorshow app

VW Display App

Campaign, APP
An informative, design-focused experience into a new way of driving.
Logo compilation Brammo

Logos and Lockups

Better brand identities can be made.
Children's Panadol Timeline web app

Children's Timeline Webapp

Campaign, APP
Sharing and celebrating your child's journey is important.

Some brands I've worked with

NRMA logo
VW logo
Nissan logo
Coopers logo
Children's panadol logo
Genbook logo
Optimum logo
NSW State library logo