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We help Australian startups communicate better with their customers through beautiful branding, website design, and marketing campaigns.

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"It's rare to find a team who can execute end-to-end with such flair; who is both creative and strategic. Bettermade is one of a kind and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."

Bronwyn Karaoglu Marketing VP smiling for the camera from Ignition Sydney office

Bronwyn Karaoglu

Marketing VP @ Ignition

Our past and current clients

Selected work

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Repositioning Genbook as a booking-generating software.

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• Design

• Branding

Repositioning Genbook as a booking-generating software.


A content-rich destination to ignite meaningful business connections.

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• Design


• Branding

A content-rich destination to ignite meaningful business connections.

"Having worked with the Bettermade duo for several years, I am always impressed by the quality and creativity of their designs. A pleasure to work with these guys, they’re always focused on solving problems and they always hit the mark."

Kim Janson

Kim Janson

Design & Creative Director of Product Design, Innovation and Brand at Limepay

How we can help


Brand strategy

Working with you to identify how your brand is perceived by your customers now, and how you can position it to get the results you're looking for.


Brand Identity

Developing a consistent visual language that reflects your brand's core values, and helps you communicate more effectively.



A clear verbal identity and messaging guideline to help maintain alignment internally, and externally.


Website Design

Using workshops and sprints, we design websites that are easy to navigate and valuable to your customers.


Design System

Speed up the design process, spend more time on the creative work your team loves, and stay on brand across all channels.


Marketing Campaign

Using creative campaigns to translate the stories into various marketing components like video content, digital advertisements, and offline experiences.


Stay up-to-date with the latest news, trends and everything digital.

Nike [nahy-kee] 1. the ancient Greek goddess of victory.
brand strategy

What does Brand Strategy Mean For Your Company?

Did you know that seventy percent of business executives find themselves frustrated by a lack of clear brand strategy?

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Long Truong, Creative Director at Bettermade with family

Meet our Co-Founder & Creative Director: Long Truong

A specialist in advertising and a problem finder, he is on a mission to make a big positive impact in the world.

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Jolene Chang, Design Director at Bettermade with family

Meet our Co-Founder & Design Director: Jolene Chang

Born with the ability to turn a Word doc into designs that please the eye. Designing both online and offline since 28.8kbps.

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