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Make your brand stand out on shelves and screens with strategic planning and well-crafted design.

We make brands stand out in stores and on screens, from strategic planning to well-crafted design.

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is a branding & design studio based in Sydney, Australia.

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Our case studies

Alexander Roastery branding design

Giving back to the community through an honest and transparent coffee partnership.

27THREE Boulangerie branding design

Handmade baked goodies our family would proudly put on the dinner table.

Flikframe branding design

The world's first collapsible and restickable photo frame made from 100% recycled boxboard.

Working together with Long and Jolene has helped us discover our purpose quickly, as we struggled with our brand positioning. They made a big impression on the community with their branding works.
Partick Passak
Patrick Passak
Alexander Roastery

Founded by a thinker & a tinker

Long Truong Headshot
Co-Founder / Creative Director
Jolene Chang headshot
Co-Founder / Design Director

Jolene Chang

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