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Jolene Chang: Co-Founder and Design Director at Bettermade Agency

Born with the ability to turn Word docs into beautiful designs. Designing online & off since 28.8k.

I’m Jolene, a hipster tiger mum, weight lifting noob, and a technology obsessed designer based in Sydney.

I was born in Taiwan, raised in New Zealand, and finally found my home in Australia. I'm on a mission to make a positive impact in the community.

When I began my career in digital advertising, I learned the craft of design and creative problem-solving. I now know a thing or two about manufacturing and PR as a result of challenging myself with a Kickstarter campaign. At my last job, a Software as a service (SaaS) marketing company, I was able to learn how to use analytic data to tell compelling stories.

With the arrival of my own children, I began to have a growing desire to make this world a kinder, healthier, and a more peaceful place. I can help grow the brands that are making our world a better place with all the skills I have picked up over the past two decades.

Born with the ability to turn a Word doc into designs that please the eye. Designing both online and offline since 28.8kbps.

Working as a digital designer in advertising and being deeply involved in the marketing department of a medium-sized enterprise has been a stroke of good fortune for me.

The knowledge and experience I have gained in the past decade have played a significant role in shaping both my identity and the kind of company I aspire to lead.

Client: Genbook

Genbook, one of the first online booking platforms, faced the challenge of being perceived as a faded appointment booking software despite offering a full suite of tools to help service businesses manage their shops.

After conducting customer research and discovering a loyal customer base in the hair and beauty industry, Genbook underwent a total makeover to transform into a sophisticated business building assistant.

Instead of leading with software features, the brand story focuses on solving problems like no-shows, phone distractions, and work-life balance. The messaging emphasizes building better experiences for clients and business owners, and the brand identity is adaptable with a logo mark of seven symmetrical dots in various colors with purple as a base.

The visual language emphasizes three objectives:

  • elevating from noise and distractions,
  • building bond and trust with clients, and
  • total control over the business.
Genbook Digital Experience

Client: VW

Volkswagen, one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, created a car app that allows drivers to track their vehicle's performance and access a range of features remotely. The app connects to the car's onboard computer system, giving drivers real-time information on fuel economy, mileage, and maintenance schedules. Additionally, the app enables drivers to remotely lock and unlock their car, locate it in a parking lot, turn on the climate control, and even start the engine. The app was a success, with over 1.5 million downloads in just two years, and has helped Volkswagen to stay competitive in the ever-evolving automotive industry. The success of this app highlights the importance of innovation and technology in the modern age of automobiles.

VW Digital Experience

Client: Panadol

Children's Panadol, a brand of paracetamol formulated for children, is a household name in Australia. The brand has a longstanding reputation for providing effective relief from pain and fever in children. However, in recent years, the market for children's pain relief has become increasingly competitive. To stay ahead of the curve, Children's Panadol launched a campaign that focused on educating parents about the importance of accurate dosing. The campaign included a range of initiatives such as the development of an interactive dosing device and a website that provides parents with practical advice on how to administer the medication safely. The campaign was a success, with sales of Children's Panadol increasing by 12% in the year following the launch. This case study highlights the importance of understanding customer needs and developing a targeted marketing campaign that effectively addresses those needs.

Panadol Children's Timeline Digital Experience

Client: Brammo

Brammo, a Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer, recently faced controversy after deciding to crowdsource their new logo. After the CP+B interns' attempts at designing a logo fell short, a contest was launched on where designers could submit their work and the winning design would receive a $1000 award. Many in the design world criticized this move, feeling that good design couldn't come from a contest like this. However, the contest is now over, and there are two strong logo options for Brammo to choose from, with a third design to be used on a Brammo t-shirt. The new logo will be an important part of Brammo's brand identity, and the public is encouraged to share their opinions on which design they like best. The logo didn't get picked, but it was a great lesson and experience nonetheless.

Brammo logo design exploration

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What inspired Jolene Chang to become a design director at Bettermade Agency?

Jolene Chang was inspired to become a design director at Bettermade Agency by her passion for creativity and her desire to help clients achieve their goals through design. She has always had an interest in art and design and pursued a degree in graphic design. After working in various design roles, she co-founded Bettermade Agency, where she has been able to lead a team of designers and collaborate with clients on meaningful projects.

How does Jolene Chang approach design projects at Bettermade Agency?

Jolene Chang approaches design projects at Bettermade Agency by first understanding the client's needs and goals. She then works with her team to come up with creative solutions that not only meet those needs but also exceed expectations. She believes in a collaborative approach where everyone's ideas are heard and valued. She also believes in staying up to date with the latest design trends and technologies to ensure that her team is always delivering high-quality work.

What are some notable design projects that Jolene Chang has worked on at Bettermade Agency?

Jolene Chang has worked on many notable design projects at Bettermade Agency, including branding and website design for a national non-profit organization, packaging design for a well-known coffee brands, and successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign all by herself. Her team has received recognition for their work, including several design awards and features in industry publications. Jolene is proud to have played a role in these successful projects and looks forward to continuing to create impactful designs for her clients.

Jolene Chang
Jolene Chang
Co-Founder & Design Director
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