Makeover for one of the first online booking platform.

Repositioning Genbook as the number 1 booking-generating software.

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  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Logo & ID Systems
  • Brand Style Guides
  • Responsive Web Design

🚀 Impact

  • New acquisition revenue at 89% growth rate.
  • Brand traffic trends increased from 11% to 67%.
  • Acquiring customers at 45% success rate.
  • Share of voice in market increased from 15% to 40% across top 5 competitors.

🎤 News

In 2021, acquired Genbook for an undisclosed sum.

😊 Nice things our clients say

Working with Jo has been an absolute pleasure. To say that she is the finest design expert out there, will be an understatement. What makes her different is her innate ability to connect the dots and see the forest from the trees. Her design thinking skills are unparalleled. At Genbook, she helped steer us through various campaigns in a calm & personable way, brought out-of-box ideas to the table, and ensured that our campaigns soar higher. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Taru Bhargava Content Marketing Manager @ Genbook

Brand strategy

We set out to give Genbook a total makeover, transforming it from being perceived as a faded appointment booking software, to a sophisticated business building assistant, bringing them more inline with their target audience - Hair and beauty providers in North America.

Genbook’s biggest competitor is not another software company, but the old trusty “pen and paper booking system”.So instead of leading with software features, we frame the brand story around the problems to be solved - the no-shows, the phone distractions, and the work-life balance.

We are able to reach a wider audience who are in search for the answers, and it opens up the opportunity to introduce the software solutions Genbook has to offer.


Genbook looks after the transactional side of the business so that service providers can focus on building a deeper human-to-human connection.

The messaging emphasises building better ‘experience’ - a better experience for the client in chair and a better experience for the business owner.

Brand Identity

As a behind-the-scene software, Genbook wants the brand identity to be adaptable in the environment it’s in. Combining the key benefits of utilising Genbook - Better connections with clients and achieve work life balance.

The logo mark is a symmetrical symbol of seven dots, each have its own array of colours with the brand purple as a base.

For the logotype we chose Proxima Nova SemiBold, a versatile and well considered font that would pair well with any logo of the service provider, without having too many characteristics to compete.

Together with Genbook, we landed on purple as the brand colour, as it is the colour of creativity and independence, representing Genbook’s core target audience of salon owners.

Visual Application

In order to highlight Genbook's true value to their customers, we place importance on how the software can deliver focus to small business operators, leaving behind the noise that discounts their potential.

Extending the colour palette with representation of Action (Cyan), Time (Orange), and Connections (Yellow). A wide range of these colours were developed to cater to better digital experience.

Using the mixed subject of people, product interface, and mobile notifications, we worked together with Genbook to bridge the gap between technology and real life outcomes. The visual language had 3 types of objectives - Elevating from the noise and distractions, Building bond and trust with clients, and total control over your business.
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girl using Genbook booking app on phone.
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