Genbook Excellence in Experience Awards

Bringing the community together through a shared experience.

✳️ Services

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo & ID Systems
  • Brand Style Guides
  • Responsive Web Design

🚀 Impact

  • A total of 55,000 votes were cast.
  • In total, 10 Excellence in Experience Awards were handed out.
  • Online brand presence increase by 70%.
  • A 55% increase was observed in social engagement throughout the campaign

🎤 News

In 2021, acquired Genbook for an undisclosed sum.

😊 Nice things our clients say

It's rare to find a team who can execute end-to-end with such flair; who is both creative and strategic. Bettermade is one of a kind and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Bronwyn Karaoglu Marketing VP @ Genbook


Genbook is an online booking platform utilised by 22,000+ service providers across North America. In 2020, Genbook wants to honor these service providers for going above and beyond, to bring the best experience to their clients.

Genbook Excellence in Experience Award is an annually occurring award that has no judge. A comprehensive voting point system is developed to count votes from client reviews, client favorites, and client votes.

A responsive website is developed to explain this first ever judgeless award for service providers, to inform and engage participants and voters.

Over a million responses have been analyzed to crown the winners, whom will each take home a trophy, a framed certificate, one year of Genbook, and special features on Genbook website and social media.
About page and leaderboard.
Participants and winners.
Voting system explained as infographic.


To create a successful campaign website that is easy to use, we need to plan out how users will interact with it. Wireframes and user flow are tools that help them do this.

Wireframes help us create a blueprint of each page's layout and structure, while user flow maps out the steps a user will take to complete their desired actions.

By getting these details right, we can create a website that is intuitive and easy to use, making for a seamless user experience.

The idea

Providing great service is just tip of the iceberg.

Trust and relationships are often gained when the clients are not in the shop, and the services provided is just the tip of the iceberg of these small business owners' never-ending hard work.

The brand identity of the Excellence in Experience Award is a celebration of the efforts below the surface. Split into 5 pieces symbolising the 5 industries for this award - hair, beauty, barbering, wellness and personal-services.

The logo

Genbooks Excellence in Experience Award logotype is a custom logotype based on the iceberg visual and has connections that enhance legibility and uniqueness.\

The final mark pulled from elements of the 5 industries for the award - hair, beauty, barbering, wellness and personal-services. The strong geometric nature feels timeless, but modern.

Visual Application

Among the marketing assets we developed were an award made of crystal, an updated email signature, social media templates, certificates, and other shop display items.
Voting badges and winner badges for social media.
Excellence in Experience Award trophy and shop front sticker.
Certificate for Excellence in Experience Award 2020
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