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A 3-part brand audit that helps to evaluate your brand strategy, verbal and visual communications, and distribution channels. After completion, you will receive a personalised report and checklist to improve your brand building activities.

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“Bettermade's creative directors, Long & Jo, have consistently impressed me with their problem-solving skills and reliable delivery over the years we've worked together.”

Kim Janson profile picture
Kim Janson
Design & Creative Director @ Limepay

“They possess the wanted skill of adeptly transforming a company's personality into an impactful design that authentically reflects its core essence and values.”

Robin Sung profile picture
Robin Sung
Head of Content @ espresso Display

Digital-focussed, nice and just really fun people to work with both during & after the project. I would recommend Bettermade as they have proven to be a reliable partner.”

Dan Johnston
VP of Design @ Ignition App

“Jolene helped us navigate various campaigns in a calm & personable way, brought out-of-the-box ideas, and ensured our campaigns results soared.”

Taru Bhargava
Content Marketing Manager @ Genbook

“With a strong focus on branding, and the ability to quickly solve problems. When things don't make sense, Long is exactly who you need in your corner.”

Jonathan Shannon
Creative Director @ Supersolid
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