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Bettermade is a digital-first branding and design agency that helps startup and tech companies win customers and become industry leaders through creative and innovative solutions.

Jolene Chang and Long Truong brainstorming ideas in-front of their work in Sydney Agency
Long is the poster boy for hard work and slick design. Super passionate and always produces impressive campaigns. You can rely on him to have any great creative result on any brief.
Marcus Tesoriero
Chief Creative Officer @ The G Store. D&AD and One Show Judge 2023

The Creative Problem Solver for Software Businesses.

Bettermade is committed to thinking outside the box, to bring a fresh perspective to old problems by asking questions and challenging assumptions. We aim to get to the root of your true problem, the one that keeps you up at night and hungry in the morning. This is what gets us going and makes our work meaningful.

Our love for crafting beautiful branding, websites, and marketing campaigns brings us joy, especially when you are rewarded for your hard work. But what makes us even happier is knowing that our clients' products and software make people's lives easier and better.

We understand how stressful running a business can be. It can take up all of your time and energy, leaving no room for the things you really love. That's why we want to change that.

If we can use design to create digital things that will make your bosses and customers love you, and your loved ones love you even more (work will be less stressful), everybody wins.

Doesn't that sound nice?

When Logic and Creativity Collide.

Long Truong (husband) and Jolene Chang (wife) started Bettermade Agency not just to make a quick buck. They wanted to provide a service that clients would come to love and an environment where employees would feel their best. If they could do both, they would achieve financial freedom.

For Long and Jolene, making money is nice, but client success is golden. They care about creating relationships with their clients that last for years, even decades. In other words, it's about loving what you do and knowing that your work supports you, not the other way around.

At Bettermade, we believe in making an impact and changing the world. We are fiercely passionate about what we do and strive to create cutting-edge digital solutions that truly make a difference.
Jolene Chang and Long Truong with Chris Do talking about the state of branding and design in Taiwain.
Jolene Chang and Long Truong working on a computer in their Sydney Agency
Jolene and Long at marketing live event in Sydney
Genbook workshop with client and Bettermade Agency
Jolene Chang and Long Truong working on a branding project for a little. The work is spread on the table in their Sydney office.
Jolene Chang and Long Truong taking a studio photo in their Sydney agency office
Chris Do, Jolene Chang and Long Truong meet up in Taipei during Christmas at the W Hotel in Taiwan

We're a creative, tech-savvy team with a passion for everything digital.

Jolene profile
Jolene Chang
Founder + Design Director
Long profile
Long Truong
Founder + Creative Director

Would we be a better fit?

How our commitment to open communication helps us serve you better

We firmly believe that transparency is essential to maintaining trust and building strong relationships with our clients, partners, and employees.

We strive to be open, honest, and accountable in all our business dealings, and we recognize that this requires consistent effort and a willingness to share both good news and bad news.
We openly share our financial reports with our employees
We never hide any details from our clients
We always provide honest feedback to our partners

How effective communication fosters strong relationships with clients and team members.

We believe that communication is more than just a tool, it is a value that drives our company culture and helps us foster meaningful connections with our clients.
Commitment to regular team meetings
Prompt response to client inquiries
Active engagement with our community online

Putting our employees at the heart of everything we do

Our company places a strong emphasis on putting people and their needs, knowing that this is essential to building strong and lasting relationships with both our customers and employees.

We believe that by putting people first, we can create a positive impact not just within our business, but also in the communities we serve.
Diverse and inclusive work environment
Investing in ongoing training and development
Flexible work hours and location

How we're going above and beyond for our valued prospect and clients

We understand that our success depends on the satisfaction of our customers, and that is why we strive to provide them with the highest level of service and support.

We listen carefully to their needs and feedback, and use their insights to continuously improve our products and services. Our employees go above and beyond to ensure that every customer feels valued and heard.

We believe that by putting the customer first, we can build long-lasting relationships and create a loyal customer base that will support our growth in the years to come.
100% transparent and honest about our products and services
Prioritize understanding our customers' needs and pain points
Personalized experiences and communication, such as tailored recommendations and proactive outreach

Having experts is critical to delivering high-quality work and meeting clients' needs

Having experts in our design business is essential to success and growth in this fast-paced and competitive industry.

We understand that our clients come to us seeking solutions to their unique challenges, so we employ the best to ensure that our business is delivering the best possible solutions for them and staying ahead of the competition.

Our talented experts also mentor and train junior team members, creating a culture of constant learning and development within the business.
Bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table
Experience to navigate challenges and solve problems efficiently
Better decision-making and more effective strategies

Bettermade in the news

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Congrats! Bettermade Agency is an awardee in The 2022 Sydney Manifest Awards!
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Bettermade — Branding and Design Agency is a Finalist in the 2023 City Suburbs Local Business Awards!
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Our project for Genbook Awards has been featured in the Branding category of Behance Graphic Design gallery.
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